Principal Petrophysicist


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Company : ADNOC HQ

Job Title : Principal Petrophysicist 


Job Purpose

The job role is broad and expected to include: 
Provision of technical oversight and assurance for all petrophysical activities in the company, advising management on the optimum petrophysical program(s)
Facilitating value of information sessions with the assets and articulating the value of petrophysics to ADNOC Management.
The candidate should also develop and promote best practices, leverage advanced technologies and workflows available in the market and look after the development of the petrophysics community.

Job Specific Accountabilities (Part 1)

•    Provide petrophysical support to exploration and development studies. Review and coordinate petrophysics input required for the generation of reports, plots, graphs and data listings used in geological maps and reservoir models.
•    Support evaluation and optimization of proposals for petrophysical studies or data gathering activities such as logging jobs, coring jobs, side-wall cores, etc. by Group Companies. SPC companies and new Joint Ventures and offer advice on the scope of the studies and extent of the data gathering activities.
•    Establish, execute and manage group-wide technical guidelines to improve operational efficiency and maximize group profitability. Assess petrophysical-related activity in ADNOC Group of Companies regularly, and ensure that the technical guidelines to optimise long-term solutions and maximize value are being applied
•    Provide technical support to all petrophysics activities in ADNOC and its Group Companies in addition to SPC companies and new Joint Ventures in close coordination with Petrophysics Specialist(s). 
•    Advocate and leverage advanced petrophysics technologies and best practices to improve efficiency, profitability and performance across ADNOC and its Group of Companies. 
•    Lead ADNOC and its Group Companies geophysics subject matter champions to develop, manage and implement ADNOC and Group Companies geophysics technical standards and guidelines to seek excellence as one ADNOC. 
•    Leverage experience, knowledge and insights to direct technical Quality Control/Quality Assurance.  Ensure application of optimal petrophysics sequence and parameters at milestone stages of the petrophysical projects are consistent with ADNOC technical standards.
•    Establish, manage and drive petrophysics discipline network in ADNOC and its Group Companies to maximize ADNOC corporate value. 

Job Specific Accountabilities (Part 3)

Generic Accountabilities

•    Develop petrophysicists specialists in ADNOC EDP.  Identify skills gaps and needs, arrange necessary opportunities as necessary to address gaps.
•    Work with the Organizational Talent advisors to identify high potential Emiratis from each of the Group of Companies for functional reporting into the Principal Petrophysicist as Petrophysics Specialist protégés.
•    Develop, review, execute and revise Personalized Development Plans for all of Petrophysics Specialist protégés that include:
o    Address mentor /mentee role
o    Rotations between Group Companies and into ADNOC
o    Potential rotations into IOCs.
•    Provide input for preparation of the Unit/Department/Section budgets, assist in the implementation of the approved Budget, and work plans to deliver objectives. 
•    Investigate and highlight any significant variances to support effective performance and cost control.
Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures
•    Lead ADNOC and its Group of Companies Petrophysics subject matter champions to develop, manage and implement ADNOC and its Group Companies petrophysics technical standards and guidelines to seek excellence as one ADNOC.
•    Coordinate the establishment and maintenance of archives for all petrophysical data. This includes storage and indexing of paper prints, films, magnetic tapes and computer files used for storage and manipulation of petrophysical data
Performance Management 
•    Contribute to the achievement of the approved Performance Objectives for the Unit/Department/ Section in line with the Company Performance framework.
Innovation and Continuous Improvement
•    Keep abreast of discipline advancements within the industry that provide innovative and new solutions in petrophysics. This includes organizing, participating in, and representing the Company in conferences, symposia, professional society meetings and relating functions to identify new development of interest to ADNOC and its Group of Companies. Leverage discipline champions from ADNOC and its Group of Companies to publish papers on such functions.
•    Promote usage of advanced computerized formation evaluation programs and recommending applications of suitable programs and liaising with IT specialists as required.  .
•    Develop and conduct advanced short courses on important petrophysics topics to ADNOC and its Group of Companies.
Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) and Sustainability
•    Comply with relevant HSE policies, procedures, controls, applicable legislation, and sustainability guidelines in line with international standards, best practices and ADNOC Code of Practices.
•    Provide inputs to prepare Unit/Department/Section MIS and progress reports for Company Management.

Internal Communications & Working Relationships

•    Have daily interactions with staff within team, department and division regarding project execution.
•    Has frequent contact with OPCO & SPC companies’ managements and ISH on geophysics projects or joint studies carried out by the OPCOs or SPC companies.

External Communications & Working Relationships

Has frequent contact with consultants and contractors on projects carried out for ADNOC, one of the OPCOs or SPC companies and with vendors on all kinds of geophysical projects, studies and geophysical software/hardware related issues.

Minimum Qualification

Master’s Degree in Geoscience or equivalent

Minimum Experience, Knowledge & Skills

  • The candidate should have a minimum of 25 years’ experience in carbonate petrophysics, both OH and CH, with 
  • At Least 10 years of experience in a major oil and gas company. 
  • The candidate will be expected to provide evidence of relevant contributions made through, for example, publications in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills are also sought, as is exposure to multi-national and multi-culture environments.

Professional Certifications

Published multiple papers including first Author publications in journals or conference proceedings; preferably peer reviewed. The individual is often called upon to review and approve Journal papers and is invited to participate in special society publications.

Work Condition, Physical effort & Work Environment

Physical Effort
Work Environment
Normal A/C Environment, but could be exposed to prevailing weather conditions while on site visits/ outside locations

Additional Details

Job Family / Sub Family: Subsurface / Geoscience

Job Dimension

Revenues/ Budget: As per approved financial budget
Direct Reports:    As per organization chart
Indirect Reports: As per organization chart

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